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The Thriving Farmer Podcast

Jun 17, 2019

In This Episode:

>> How communication is key across any farm but especially when you are renting or leasing land from others.

>> What Jordan learned from his mentors that has made a huge difference in structuring their marketing

>> Why he is in favor of hiring employees vs a bunch of interns on his farm

>> How they accomplish a tremendous amount of work with only 4 people on the farm.

>> Jordan’s 3 recommendations for any new farmer when getting started


Quotes from the Episode:

“We only have so much bandwidth, especially at the beginning, there is so much to figure out”

“When you set up your employees for success with clearly delineated jobs, they can accomplish so much”

“Marketing is all about relationships. We focus our marketing heavily on building long-term relationships”

“Success takes time, 5-7 years in is where you really start seeing massive traction”

“If you are looking to get started farming, learn on someone else's dime first”

About the Guest:

Jordan Green is the founder of FarmBuilder (2017 – current), co-owner of J & L Green Farm in Edinburg, Virginia (2009 – current), a United States Marine Corps veteran (2004-2009) and graduate of the apprentice program at Polyface Inc. (2001-2002). Prior to that, he grew up on his family’s homestead in Virginia and had several successful small farm enterprises.